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Emma Maher
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

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Vision of Empowered Lactation with Emma 

Empowered Lactation with Emma has been birthed out of love and a sincere care for women during what is often a painful, tired and stressful experience.

I truly believe that a prevention is better than a cure. Growing in education and support before baby arrives, is such a positive step towards breastfeeding. By building on your own knowledge and learning the 'how' and 'why' of breastfeeding, you can feel empowered and trust the partnership between you and your baby, just as you did when growing your baby during pregnancy.

When we develop realistic expectations based on accurate information and the reassurance of 'normal' (realising our own individuality's), we can reduce the risk of common complications often experienced and grow healthy baby's and mums with a holistic approach.


Ultimately this strengthens your bond with your baby, and EMPOWERS you to have confidence in your breastfeeding journey.  


About Me- Emma Maher

I am an IBCLC who has a deeply loved passion to support women in their breastfeeding journey in motherhood. 

My professional experience includes nursing, midwifery and child and family health nursing. Combining these experiences together provides a range of skills for me support women and their  partners during this often fragile transition time of welcoming a baby to their family. 

As I grew up the eldest of 5 children, it was during my teenage years that I began to nurture the lives of babies and toddlers as I took on the role as second Mum to my sisters and brothers. I always had a passion to 'help' people and quickly fell in love with midwifery. During my almost 10 years of working as a midwife I dreamed of being a Lactation Consultant. Breastfeeding is an area that has such a pivotal role to play in the wellbeing of both baby and mother, and yet I found it was so 'unsupported'. And so began my journey to fulfil my dream! To support, educate and EMPOWER women with their breastfeeding experience. 

A little about me personally - I'm also a wife to my handsome husband and Mum to my two young children who are super busy!

I love being outside in the fresh air, discovering nature and being active. I value health and truly believe it should be a holistic approach,  reducing toxins in the home, mindfulness and clean eating. 


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About Me- Jo Humphris

I am an IBCLC and midwife who passionately has a desire to support and encourage women in their breastfeeding and parenting journey. I am inspired by women daily, their courage and resilience as they journey the childbirth continuum.

With a background in nursing, midwifery and child and family health nursing, I am devoted to helping women and their families throughout all stages of their life.

​I grew up in country NSW,  where I was inspired by the women in my world, their courage, resilience and perseverance to endure challenging and often difficult times, and their resolve to see the joy in every situation. I have always had a passion to support and encourage others and upon completing my midwifery, my passion grew to work with women and their families.  

I have worked as a midwife for many years and during this time was motivated to enhance my skills especially in the area of lactation. I believe breastfeeding is not just about placing value on nutritional needs, but it encompasses so much more. The value of skin to skin, hormone regulation for mother and baby, the promotion of sensory, emotional and cognitive development and simply holding your baby close is be truly cherished.


​Aside from my professional roles, I am a wife to my handsome husband and Mum to three amazing and wonderful young adults. I love spending time with my family, cooking yummy foods and being in my garden soaking up nature. I love the great Australian outdoors, and when possible I love to travel across this vastly beautiful continent to discover more of the Australian outback. 


 I value all aspects of health and truly believe it should be a holistic approach that incorporates the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of the whole family.  I am excited to be working with Emma, to support, educate and EMPOWER women with their breastfeeding and their unique journey through motherhood.

Jo will be providing consultations on Fridays and on Saturdays when required, while focusing on the Maitland area, although will cover Newcastle if needed as well. 

I am so excited to have Jo apart of the Empowered Lactation with Emma team! She has many years of wisdom and knowledge with one of the kindest hearts I know. 

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Antenatal Breastfeeding Education

Individualised breastfeeding education classes to prepare you for your the birth and breastfeeding of your new baby. Perhaps your a first time Mum, or had a previous traumatic experience or even expecting twins and would like to feel prepared and confident ready to enjoy your breastfeeding  journey. 

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Lactation Consultant Postnatal 

Provided in the comfort of your own home, together we will work to assess your breastfeeding experience  and challenges. Addressing each woman and baby as a unique partnership, we will aim to build your breastfeeding confidence and bond with your baby.

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Breastfeeding Group Classes

Provided in a group setting of individuals & couples, an intimate and friendly way to meet others and connect in a social setting while learning about breastfeeding and how to feel confident as you prepare yourself for this new experience. 

See the 'services and fees' for more information.

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