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Want to learn more about breastfeeding before baby is in your arms?
You have come to the right place!
Breastfeeding doesn't have to, nor should it hurt. But it does take practice and more practice. Prior preparation really does set you up for making informed choices all the way through labour and birth and into breastfeeding so that you can have a positive and empowering experience. Often birth gets all the prep work, but breastfeeding is apart of the duo! 
Joining this workshop is such a proactive, practical way to prepare as much as you can for the journey ahead!

We would love to see you at one of the upcoming workshops in 2024! All workshops are on Saturday mornings 9am - 12noon. 



  • We put so much emphasis on learning how to take care of your baby through pregnancy and birth BUT what happens when your baby arrives? When you have a hungry baby  in your arms and needs feeding every few hours? (yes this is normal!) 

  • Whilst breastfeeding is natural, it doesn't always come easy!

  • It takes lots of practice, the right education, support, positioning and knowing your baby to get it all right. 

This face to face workshop is here to help you feel confident, informed and educated from the first moment with your baby + right through into the weeks and months ahead of your parenthood journey.


Ideally I love for partners to join in as well, as they absorb information differently and can help you recall later. Also they are your champions and your biggest support, so it only makes sense to have them join in on learning how to best promote breastfeeding. 

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Health Practitioner Workshops 2024!!
Sunday 7th July 

Saturday 27th October

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