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This workshop is perfectly made for pregnant women and couples to help educate and empower them to be informed and prepared for their breastfeeding journey ahead.


When you enter your fourth trimester you can be so overwhelmed with hormones, emotions and many differing instructions, information and opinions.


It can often leave you the mother overwhelmed, stressed and confused on what to do or what is right.


I have designed this workshop to help give expecting couples the power back by teaching you the tools, techniques and professional advise needed to help create a beautiful partnership and connection between you and your baby to breastfeed effectively.


🤱 It takes TWO to tango and with breastfeeding it is no different. Mum and baby will need to work together for successful feeding.


✔️In this workshop you will learn about:


🔸Hormonal influence on breastfeeding

🔸Breastmilk composition and changes

🔸Hand expressing, storage of breastmilk

🔸The let down reflex and milk transfer

🔸The first few hours with your baby

🔸The best positions to breastfeed

🔸Optimal latch & suck

🔸Crying & comfort sucking

🔸Common myths & common complications

🔸How to support breastfeeding

🔸Your partner's role in supporting breastfeeding

🔸Alternative feeding options

🔸How to seek support


...PLUS much much more!


Head to the link below to secure your spot. VERY limited spots available.