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Prenatal Breastfeeding Education

Prenatal breastfeeding education and preparation workshops will be offered individually to couples or as a group event. A 2-3 hour session will cover  the importance of breastfeeding, and the initial hour following birth. The 'how' of breastfeeding and a touch of science and anatomy will help to deepen your understanding. Information of the variations of breastfeeding 'positions' will be discussed and how to reduce complications, encouraging a positive and empowered breastfeeding experience.  

These visits are offered in the comfort of your own home, with flexible times available, to accommodate both parents busy schedules, or at the Paterson Clinic. 

Postnatal Lactation Consultant

Postnatal Lactation support appointments involve a full examination of your breastfeeding experience and any complications. Identifying your individual needs with your baby's wellbeing is crucial in establishing a management plan to overcome complications. Providing you with evidence based information, kind support and encouragement we will build your confidence in your own ability to breastfeed your baby, strengthening your bond together.

Visits are provided in our Paterson clinic, with home visits out of hours provided in special circumstances. 

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Antenatal Care  & Support

Private  3 hour Breastfeeding Preparation Workshop.

In the Paterson clinic- $295

In your own home -  $355

Another  alternative - especially for Mums who have breastfed before but wanting to fine tune their experience, is a shorter 90min consultation. 

These are provided at the clinic space only for $ 155

 Breastfeeding Preparation and Support Package

   Breastfeeding Preparation Workshop (full version) PLUS 1.5 hour Postnatal Lactation Consultation. 

This is a full package with ultimate support for $455        

Postpartum Care & Support

Initial consultation with your baby - approx 90mins in the Paterson clinic -$155

Follow up consultation in the clinic,

$55 per 30mins or $110 per hour

Postnatal consultations  for anyone in the Lower Hunter region provided at  your home will be arranged on a 'needs' basis in special circumstances for $255




Where?? ..... Paterson NSW (scroll down to see the map below!) This is about 20mins north of Maitland. A very scenic drive with some quality country landscapes to help calm your busy mind!

There is a lovely park with toilets and a playground, just 1 min drive away (yes you are welcome to bring any young children with you) by the river if you wanted to rest with bub before or after your consult or feed before you get back in the car! 

Come and  relax on the purple lounge, let me pour you a cuppa while I assess, troubleshoot, encourage & support your breastfeeding experience!


All travel fees based on distance have been removed due to the change in clinic space at Paterson NSW. Full details on cost of consults are above. If you have any questions please enquire - happy to answer your enquiries. 

All postpartum care appointments include general follow up via text/email and digital copy of  your personalised 'breastfeeding management plan'. If  more intensive support is needed then a phone consult or follow up home visit can be arranged. 


Cash or Bank Account Transfer  

I will invoice you via email after the consult if payment

via website booking hasn't been completed.

Account - Emma Maher

BSB: 650-000

Acc: 55000 4903

Selected Private Health Fund Rebates available. 


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Please feel free to contact me for any questions  or to make an appointment  and I will endeavour to reply to you within 48hours. 

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