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'Simply Breastfeeding' ebook provides information on the benefits of breastfeeding, some tips to encourage an optimal latch and some helpful tips to help keep breastfeeding simple! Breastfeeding is 'natural' but it doesn't always feel 'natural'. Be reassured - this new learnt skill between you and your baby takes time and patience, but most importantly support!! 


Please reach out for support from an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant if you are experiencing any challenges or complications with breastfeeding, or would like support in preparation to breastfeed your baby. 

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Information about baby monitors, wifi radiation and making informed decisions on what is best for your baby:

Evidence based information the use of probiotics, the importance of gut health and microbiome in relation to breastfeeding. I strongly recommend to use Qiara probiotics for any complications such as blocked ducts & mastitis. 

See the file attached for some facts about Qiara. 

Wanting to know more information about how to continue breastfeeding while making the transition back to work? Returning to work as a Mum comes with all sorts of challenges, add breastfeeding and sometimes it can all seem overwhelming. Be reassured that breastfeeding is recommended for as long as you and your baby or toddler are ready to wean. There are many Mums out there who have chosen to continue breastfeeding beyond6  months and there are many benefits - it just takes a little preparation ! 

See the file attached for information I have put together providing you with some tips and topics to consider in preparing to return to work. 

For general information on the use of and application of nipple shields. 
To see a great demonstration of what your newborn can do from birth, and for the following weeks after this is a quick 10 min video to show just that! Using their own instinctive neonatal primitive reflexes when placed on their mothers chest and abdomen these little newborns are able to achieve a lot!  
Optimising breastfeeding  generally helps when reducing the use of bottles. When needing to supplement for medical reasons we can cup feed, use a 'supply line' or even finger feed via syringe. However sometimes bottles cannot be avoided or parents choose to use this option. Iv compiled some points to support the use of bottles especially when used alongside breastfeeds.
Check out the link below and tap into the wonderful community of 'Newcastle Baby' !
Tongue tie. If you are one of my clients and are seeking further information on 'tongue tie' or ankyloglossia then please see the link below and use the password provided at the consultation.