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'Simply Breastfeeding' ebook provides information on the benefits of breastfeeding, some tips to encourage an optimal latch and some helpful tips to help keep breastfeeding simple! Breastfeeding is 'natural' but it doesn't always feel 'natural'. Be reassured - this new learnt skill between you and your baby takes time and patience, but most importantly support!! 


Please reach out for support from an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant if you are experiencing any challenges or complications with breastfeeding, or would like support in preparation to breastfeed your baby. 

Information about baby monitors, wifi radiation and making informed decisions on what is best for your baby:

Evidence based information the use of probiotics, the importance of gut health and microbiome in relation to breastfeeding. I strongly recommend to use Qiara probiotics for any complications such as blocked ducts & mastitis. 

See the file attached for some facts about Qiara.